Howl at La Moon

Eatery brings style to the table

There’s no better place to satiate your drunken hunger than at the downtown La Moon Restaurant. After sucking down too many vodka tonics at Transit Lounge or Tobacco Road, you can (catch this, almost unbelievable in Miami) walk down the block to this Colombian food joint.

The spot seems to always be bustling with people and laughter and is open 'till the sun comes up. 

Possibly one of the best things on the menu are the perros colombianos, which aren’t dogs that bark in Spanish but rather hot dogs topped with a mound of delicious sauces and shoestring potatoes, for the kind of crunch you want in your dog.

The great thing about the La Moon’s 8th Street location is that the feel isn’t fast food, it has more of the warmth of a late night diner and the food quality of a high end restaurant.

For a fancier La Moon experience, head over to the location in Coral Gables where they have the same scrumptious menu, but a more refined ambience. For additional entertainment, in the Gables they also host karaoke nights, have a full bar and large television screens always showing something worth watching.

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