Irreversible Fortune

An art mag celebrates four years of existence -- tha'ts like a couple decades in the publishing world

Newspapers and magazines all over the world have been closing their pages for good, and so when one magazine is able to remain active it's definitely an occasion to celebrate.
Irreversible Magazine is one of the lucky few celebrating the publication of a new issue and their summer fundraising event Irreversible 100 Most.

The magazine was founded in 2005 as an international art project and ongoing exhibition, which explores art and the perception of it. Norelkys Blazekovic is the founder and she's intent on looking at what has become of the contemporary artist's boundaries in this crazy, busy world we all live in. No longer grounded in traditional aesthetics, where does the artist go, what does the artist do?
The party begins at 7 p.m. and includes music, an open bar and an eco-fashion show, including work by Karelle Levy and Daria Saphiro. DJ Javi Beats will be spinning and there will be live musical acts and much more to see.
The events began on Thursday with daily screenings from the Miami Short Film Festival. On Thursday, Pablo Cano and Kayak Man performed. Friday afternoon celebrated the creativity of children, with crafts and arts, using disposable materials.
Saturday night, there will be paintings, sculpture, photography, video installations, live performances and fashion from 100 artists from all around the world. With so many amazing performances, it's a treat to keep the arts community afloat with a $20 donation.

Maybe not a treat, but a mitzvah, to be certain.
The event is taking place at the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (Cifo) on 1018 NW North Miami Ave., downtown, on Saturday night.

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