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Clothing designer Nicole Miller hosted a special fashion show at the Make-A-Wish gala’s after party last Saturday inside the Intercontinental hotel.  The event showcased sixteen dresses designed by Miller over a 20-year span and worn by celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Carmen Electra, Beyonce and Angelina Jolie.  We got to chat with the New York based designer backstage after the show about everything from her favorite restaurant in Miami to where she finds her inspiration for designing.

Have you ever been to Miami?
Yes, I’ve been coming here for the last twenty years. I have a lot of friends that live here.

What do you like about Miami?
I love the weather, the restaurants, the people and the culture.

What’s your favorite restaurant here?
The Forge.

Why did you decide to put together this fashion show?
Well, it’s a great cause and I wanted to do something different and show some celebrity worn dresses.

We love your dress. Is it one of your own?
Thank you. Yes, it is. It’s actually the dress Joss Stone wore [in 2005].  I’m wearing an altered version, though.

What was your favorite dress in tonight’s show?
The black macramé dress Carla Bruni wore.

What inspires your designs?
There's so many things that inspire me, but I'd say cinema, art and different cultures.

All your dresses are so different, style-wise, every year and it’s especially apparent in tonight’s show. You don’t seem to have a signature look. Is there a reason for that?
Well, if you look at anyone’s closet over a 20-year span you’ll see that their clothing and style is going to be very different. We change with the times.


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