“Jackass” Vet Steve-O: Sobriety Hasn't Turned Me Into a “Sissy”

"Jackass" veteran Steve-O said sobriety has transformed him into a different person -- but he's no less of a daredevil.

"It's like I'm an entirely different guy almost," he said, kicking off his weekend of stand-up shows at the Miami Improve last night. "After all these changes, it was really great to do 'Jackass 3D' to prove to everyone that sobriety hasn't changed me into a boring, lame sissy."

He added, "I'm actually more creative sober than I ever was loaded."

The comedian, whose real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover, has converted to veganism and has been sober for three years. He won't even touch caffeine or cigarettes.

Though he's now found his center, he confessed stunts like lighting himself on fire and being catapulted in a portable toilet can be unsettling: "It's definitely not any easier. ... But it was so important to me to prove that I still have it in me ... I was more eager. A big part of my stand-up is talking about where I will draw a line now."

One of those lines was turning down VH1 for a dating show. But he said he is in the early stages of pitching his own reality series in which he plans to address social issues in his own unique, death-defying style, of course.

"I'd be killing two birds with one stone," he explained. "I still want to be over the top and faithful to my brand, but I also want to be environmentally conscious."

And as far as any more "Jackass" films in his future, Steve-O  -- who, along with his crew will be releasing "Jackass 3.5" in March -- says that is very likely as well.

 "Whether it happens or not, I can't say -- but I wont be surprised if it does," he said. "The more abuse we take, the more we can handle. And we always have a good time doing it."

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