Jon & Kate Ride it Out

Jon & Kate had a blast on this week’s episode – just not with each other.

In a convenient bit of cross network promotion, the Gosselins welcomed the boys from TLC’s American Chopper to their brood and came away with free hogs of their own. 

Jon even got to escape for a bit to make his bike with the Teutuls in Orange County, New York.

“I shockingly had tons of fun,” Kate said about hanging out with the bike builders, especially “hairy” Mikey Teutul, who she took to a salon.

Speaking alone from the couch where she used to tape confessionals with her husband, Kate said she would love to do a charity event with Teutul in the future. During the episode, Kate donated her pink scooter to the Ronald McDonald House. Jon kept his.

In real life, Jon and Kate Gosselin are dogged by rumors of infidelity and marked their 10-year wedding anniversary apart this week, according to tabloid reports.

But on “Jon & Kate Plus 8” the pair has mostly kept mum on the state of their marriage since this season’s premier episode. That’s when Kate talked about not being sure “she could beat” the high rate of divorce statistics for parents of multiples, and when she described her marriage as “so complicated.”

Just last week, Jon told photographers to “watch our show” when asked whether he was moving out from their Berks County, Pennsylvania, home, Access Hollywood reported.

On Monday’s episode, Jon said he relished a chance to make a bike and “build friendships” with the American Chopper crew.

“This was the first opportunity that I got to enjoy…guy things,” he said.

It didn’t come easy.

While in the shop, Paul Teutul Sr. yelled at Jon for not rushing to clean a grease gun. He also pushed him a few times, but Jon pushed back.

“You know what I like about you?” Teutul asked. “Nothing.”

In the end though, Teutul said he respected Jon for holding his own.

“I threw everything I had at him,” he said. “He’s a good man for standing up to it.”

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