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PS14 gets rejuvenated with some cool acts

PS14 is on the up and up. New parties are packing the place, or at least keeping the bar busy. After opening, there wasn’t a quiet night there for years, and now thanks to some commitment, good promoters and good music the place feels rejuvenated.

The somewhat new Thursday party, No Brainer, keeps coming up with ideas to keep the kids dancing and cycling. Cycling, you ask? Two Thursdays back, stationary bike races took over the stage where enthusiastic bikers competed for prizes from Keirin Cycles. The next race, which will probably take place in September, may also include a bar tab as prize.

This week, New York band A.R.E. Weapons will be performing live. The electro-punk-ish group hails from the uber-cool Luxx days of glam and synthesized sounds. Luxx was where the electroclash scene flourished before the hipsters sunk their talons deeply into Williamsburg. A.R.E. Weapons are a bit poseur, their sound a bit sexy and they've remained pretty popular over the years. Even if you’re not enchanted by the lyrics, the drink specials are unbeatable: $1 beers till 1 a.m.

Staying true to the organic art party idea, DJs Juan and Benton will be spinning goodness and Katrina Toimil has curated visual art to include some visual sensory action. Miami band Killer Moon will be playing their final show before returning to Chicago and Stravinsky and Salami Fingaz will be making people dance, even outside in the late summer night. The party starts at 10ish and entry is $5 at PS14.

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