Larry Birkhead Gears Up For Third Father's Day With Dannielynn

Larry Birkhead will celebrate his third Father's Day with daughter Dannielynn, this coming Sunday.

In April 2007, he obtained custody of the beautiful youngster, just months after the tragic death of her mom, Anna Nicole Smith. In the years that have followed, Larry's been tackling life as a single dad, and in an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood'sTony Potts, Larry said he cherishes every moment with his little girl, who turns three in September.

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"She tapped me on my shoulder yesterday and she said, 'Dad, are you healthy?'" Larry recounted to Tony. "I said, 'Where did that come from?'"

It's impossible not to notice Dannielynn's resemblance to Anna Nicole, a fact not lost on Larry.

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"The older that she gets, the more she's starting to look like her mother," he said.

Anna Nicole passed away just five months after Dannielynn's birth and Larry is determined to keep her memory alive for their daughter.

"She's at the age now where she starts, you know, asking about mommy – 'Where's mommy?'" he revealed. "I painted a picture of her mom… She loves it. She goes over and kisses it every night and things like that are real heartbreaking. Above my bed there's pictures of Anna and she climbs up every morning and says, 'Hi mommy!' and 'Goodnight mommy.' Also when she's being naughty I say, 'Mommy's watching!'"

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Tony Potts was with Larry when he left the Bahamas after he won custody of Dannielynn and brought her home to the U.S., and Larry recalled that time during the new interview.

"It's weird, when you look back at all that… [Back] then I didn't even know how to hold her and now I'm like, 'Please let me put her down,'" Larry laughed.

"Would you put her in movies, if she shows an interest?" Tony asked.

"She obviously loves the camera," Larry said. "I wouldn't put her there. If she's at the age she wants to do it, then, you know, we can talk about it… I don't want to hold her back from doing the things she wants to do."

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