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Last Guardian Angel Asked to Leave Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

The last Guardian Angel, who has been standing guard at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School since the Feb. 14 mass shooting, has been relieved from his duties at the Parkland school -- a decision that upset some parents.

David "Cobra" Clemente said MSD principal Ty Thompson gave him two weeks notice and told him his services were no longer needed at the school.

"The students is like a family," Cobra choked up as he spoke to NBC 6. "The students is a family and we look out for our family. Like we’re in my home."

The official reason for his departure is unknown, but Cobra claims it began when he posted on Facebook claiming he was told by students that there was a drug problem at MSD. Cobra said he told school security, but the Broward Sheriff's Office said it was never brought to their attention.

The decision was upsetting and confusing to some parents. The Guardian Angels, who don red jackets and berets, have been considered a gentle and watchful presence for students since the tragedy.

The crime-fighting non-profit has several safety patrol chapters throughout the United States. A group of seven "Angels" started at MSD. Up until recently, Cobra was the last one.

Parent Angela Webber started a petition on Change.org to reinstate Cobra back to his post. There have been over 800 signatures so far.

"Cobra's kind of been security for a lot of us because we've seen him there since Feb. 14 every single day on his own time volunteering," one parent said. "It's just been security seeing him there every day."

A Broward County Public School spokesperson said the principal only discussed the removal of the encampment with Cobra and stressed that safety and security is their main priority.

"Douglas was my home. Stoneman was my living room," Cobra said. "Everybody came into my living room. I’m there, I protect my home, my living room."

Cobra said he respects the principal's decision, but he is still dedicated to patrolling the Parkland community.

"I gave my promise, and I gave my word to the city of Parkland that I would protect their kids and that I would give my life to save their kids' life," Cobra said.

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