Laz Alonso Mixes and Mingles To Benefit Charity

Laz Alonso spends so much time in Miami that he thought it would be great to give something back to the community. The 39-year-old hosted the Celebrity Mix & Mingle for a Cause benefitting the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami at the Shore Club in Miami Beach.

Latin Beat caught up with the "Deception" star Alonso during the event to find out what he would like to see happen for his character Will Moreno, and what his favorite places in Miami are.

How did you get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami?
“Miami is one of my favorite cities in the United States and I come here quite often. I feel culturally connected to this city also because of my Cuban heritage.

When Wynstar Worldwide reached out to me to be a part of this event benefitting Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Miami, I felt like it was a good fit.”Your character Will lost out on the girl at the end of season one. Where would you like to see it pick up for him?

“It’s not over till it’s over! Don’t count my character out yet. I think the show is very well-written and it keeps audiences guessing. It even kept us, the cast members guessing, and we were part of the show. I think the show is on the right track and I hope we don’t remain the best-kept secret for long.

Will was able to speak Spanish a few times on the show. Will we get to see more of this?

“We’ve been talking about throwing in more Latino-isms next season for sure. I think that if we get another season we will explore more of Will’s life, and he is going to be in his element a little more as well. “

It took all season for audiences to find out who the killer was. Where will season two explore?

“Well we still have to catch [the killer], take him to court, prosecute him and a lot of people can die along the way. He’s a very powerful man so there is still a lot that can happen; that’s if we can even prove he did it. There are still a lot of open-ended things that need to be resolved.”

You mentioned how much you love visiting Miami. What are some of your favorite places to visit when in town?

“I love going out to eat, I’m a big foodie. Two of my favorites are Mercadito in Midtown and of course Prime 112. But when I want to leave South Beach to get some authentic Cuban food, I go to La Carreta or Versailles right there on 8th street. Visiting a real Cuban neighborhood helps reconnect me with how I grew up.”

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