1/17: Laziness, Burgers & Bliss

Got work off tomorrow? Be lazy today.

LAZY BBQ:  It’s definitely time to celebrate the fact that it isn’t ridiculously cold out side. Our non-tanned bodies will be glad to know that the sun is out and there is somewhere to go and enjoy it. The always-hot, body-filled Standard on Miami Beach is now offering one of the best ways to spend your Sunday: being lazy. Starting at 2 p.m., the Mud Deck pool overlooking Biscayne Bay this and every Sunday will be stocked with a grill, keg, bar and ping pong tables. Even better, six bucks can get you a burger, hot dog, beer or serious discounted booze. AKA, Thank God most of us have Monday off.

BURGER BRUNCH: Sometimes it can be a real struggle to decide where to go to get a quick bite at all hours of the morning after a night out. Miami Beach residents and beyond know the joys of an 8 oz. Burger at 2 a.m. after a hard night on the town, but they are doing us one better. You can now eat your hang over away every Saturday and Sunday at 8 oz. Burger Bar from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at their new weekend brunch. There really is no other way to start a weekend morning off like a burger with a side of pancakes.

FAME, ANYONE? If we have learned anything from the kids of “Jersey Shore,” it's that you might lose your dignity from being on reality TV, but at least you might get on Perez Hilton. This Sunday starting at noon, Whole Foods in Coral Gables will be the place to audition for a new show surely to clog our TIVOS. Fox and the producers of "The Biggest Loser" are looking for the hottest amateur chefs to star on MasterChef. Not only is this show the UKs version of "Top Chef," you get to work with the always sweet and semi-horrifying Gordon Ramsay. So, good luck and be sure to stay on Ramsay's good side!

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