Taking Shop With Renowned Street Photographer Frank Paulin


Legendary lensman and artist Frank Paulin, whose work will grace the Lowe Art Museum through January 2011, said his brand of street photography is about the quickness of the click. 

"Street photography is all on the fly," he told Niteside yesterday. "It is something you grab. You see it, you grab it and bang -- that's it."

He added, "If you keep your eyes open, you can see a lot more than you think." 

The photojouranalist, who lives in New York, has had his snapshots adorn the walls of the Museum of Modern Art and The Whitney.  The University of Miami Museum was recently gifted 30 of the shutterbug's images for its "Frank Paulin: An American Documentarian" exhibit.

Best known for his street art -- or what he calls "walking around photos" -- Paulin said he sharpened his skills during his 40-plus years as a fashion illustrator. 

"I think photography, like a lot of things, is just a matter of luck," Paulin said. "And one of the things you need to be able to do as a photographer, because it is a freezing moment, is more or less recognize when it happens."

"You only have a split second to do it. You have to be ready for it." 

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