Artist Miguel Paredes on Miami’s Scene: “Latins Rule Here”


Artist Miguel Paredes makes no qualms about Miami's art scene.

“It’s always been a particular challenge here,” he admitted at the unveiling of his mural, “Pulgha World,” during Wynwood’s 2nd Saturdays Art Walk, during which artists and art lovers alike wander from gallery to gallery.

Paredes showcases his urban-inspired art all across the country and even has a show lined up in Korea next month. His advice to budding artists?

“Take a business class,” said Paredes, who sees no need for the term “starving artist.”

Though he may be a New York City native, the former cook calls the Sunshine State home.

“It's like no other state. Latins rule here, everyone is beautiful and your forced to work out.  How can you not love that?”

With all that beauty, Paredes just can’t find the inspiration for dark art.

“Everything comes out really colorful," said the artist, known for the bright colors throughout all of his collections, "even when I try."

More Miguel pics here!

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