Local Singer Wins Chance To Record With Jordin Sparks’ Production Company

Bianca Jade will record a single, called "One Shot," with Punch Monkeys

The winner of the Sparkle Singing Challenge is a South Florida native.

Bianca Jade won the national competition and the opportunity of a lifetime. The young singer will fly to New York City and record an original track with Jordin Sparks’ production company in conjunction with the release of the film "Sparkle," starring Sparks and the late Whitney Houston.

“So this is real, this is happening,” Jade told NBC 6 South Florida.

Jade recently spent time with Sparks in the studio as the new star recorded “One Shot,” written for her by Punch Monkeys.

“[Sparks] told me to just think about how other people are going to feel when they hear this song, and how it’s going to reach out to them and to try to channel that energy and put it into what I’m feeling right now,” she said.

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But it wasn't all work and no play. The pair also listened to music together during a break.

“We were jamming out to Justin Bieber in the studio, yeah, that happened,” she said.

"Sparkle" was Houston‘s last project and first acting role in 15 years. The late singer was a mentor to Sparks.

“She was basically like her mentor, and I feel like she applied that connection that she had with Whitney and shared it with me,” Jade said as she spoke of the two.

To follow Jade on Twitter, click here, or listen to her single here.

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