Who's Your Daddy?


Friends will sometimes ask me how I accrue this random knowledge of interesting events and places about town. Besides the fact that I’m a speed reader and can skim a lot of information from a quick flip of the blogs, I have some sources.

If I’m in a pinch for what to do on the weekend, one of my go-to sites is Sara Liss’ All Purpose Dark blog. She posts flyers and invitations for upcoming events–mostly about arts, dining, and nightlife. Being a fellow food-lover, she often writes about her meals at the newest eateries. So, when it comes to tip-of-the-iceberg news about trendy new restaurants, Liss is a good source.

However, now she’s done one better and channeled her maven skills into Urban Daddy Miami, a daily e-mail service about events, entertainment, and dining in Miami. It all sounds very exclusive, but really anyone can join to get the daily e-mails and weekend event updates. A UD feature is that you can save your favorite spots/stories onto their website to refer to later. Now that you don’t have to slog through those old emails, you’ll have more time to build those networks and be a super-connector!

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