5/30: Hip Hop, Rock, and a Little Bit of Laughter

An afterparty with shoes? We're so there.

MEMORIAL FEST: This is the weekend, at least for northerners, when pools are uncovered and bikinis come out of the closet. Yes, Miamians have been sunbathing for months, but there's nothing like a long weekend celebration. If you miss Diddy's daytime Best of the Best Concert 2010 in Bicentennial Park, no worries -- the official Best of the Best After Party and Sneakers Exhibit starts at Mia Lounge in Biscayne at 11 PM. Pay $20 for a party hosted by Mr. Machel Montana and long line up of music talents.

ROCKER BEWARE: Proving that memorial weekend is not just “hip hop” weekend, local favorite/hidden secret, Buck 15 is providing for the rockers at heart. So pull out the studded belt-wearing, leather pants-loving diva inside of you and rock along with live musical guests Radioboxer and Rebel. Live art by Kazilla will also be featured. Starting at 10 PM, and mere pocket change required for the three dollar cover charge and drink specials throughout the night.
LAUGH ON IT: Theres nothing wrong with saving up some energy for Monday’s BBQ bash. Take a seat and laugh for a while at the 3rd Annual Memorial Comedy Fest at the James L. Knight Center. It's the biggest comedy festival of the year. Chris’ brother, Tony Rock, who's featured in Everyone Hates Chris, will take the stage along with Mark Cooper (TGIF’s Hanging with Mr. Cooper) among others. Fest starts at 8 p.m and ticket prices start at 38.50. Reserve your spot on Ticketmaster
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