Bringing Groovy Back

Gables bar celebrates Woodstock

Before going to the Bar, it’s always important to find out what special they’re having that night. Is it In The Biz? Forget it. Is it shot night? Yes!

Well, this Saturday something special beyond a cheap drink is taking place at Coral Gables’ busiest bar: a celebration of the 40 year anniversary of Woodstock.

How could you not want to celebrate the gigantic 1969 festival of love, peace and music? It has remained the nectar of American musical culture in so many ways, shaping how we celebrate the music we love. Artists like Joan Baez, CCR, Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Janis, Jimi also influenced the music we love today.

All you have to do is marry the fun of the Bar with the carefree exuberance of Woodstock to make a fabulous celebration. It starts at 5 p.m. on Saturday and costs only $5 and, yes, there will be drink specials.

“A Day of Peace, Love, Music and Party,” will feature live music, some of Miami’s best musicians -- those who have been around a while and those that are just coming up. Performers include IKO IKO, Mr. Nice Guy, Pat De Leon, Geezer Made of Hemp, Lou’s Dogs, Brandon Haze, Pocket of Lollipops and Brooks Reid & The Sonickats.

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