“Music By Prudence” Director Roger Ross Williams: Winning an Oscar Is Surreal

Music by Prudence

"Music By Prudence" director Roger Ross Williams clutched his gold statue as he and the film's star Prudence Mabhenam greeted fans at a screening of their documentary at The Betsy Hotel last night. 

"It's surreal," said Roger Ross Williams. "I think you could hear me screaming."

The Academy Award-winning director for best documentary short wasn't able to bask in the spotlight too long -- producer Elinor Burkett took a page from Kanye West's playbook at the MTV Video Music Awards and interrupted Williams' acceptance speech.

"People say I was 'Kanye'd,'" Williams said. "I just wanted to deliver the message of the movie and what the movie really means."

Prudence Mabhenam, the film's inspiration, said she will continue to spread the message of the award-winning work.

"I wanted people to know that disability doesn't mean inability," she said. "I'm hoping to sing more and more for thousands and thousands of people all over the world."

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