NiteTalk: Johnny Morales on Opening The Bank

Our town has seen its share of hotspots over the years, but it hasn't seen a hotspot like this since Prohibition was the law of the land. We're talkin' about The Bank, the 1925 speakeasy-looking swankery that's smack dab in the middle of Downtown Miami -- and at the front of the next frontier in nightlife. Niteside got with GM Johnny Morales and asked him to fill us in on this weekend's opening.

Wanna tell us a quick bit about The Bank?
The Bank is an 8,000 sq ft venue in the heart of historic Downtown Miami that looks reminiscent of the 1920s, when gangsters and rum runners were literally running this town. In fact, rumor has it Capone and Meyer Lansky used to stash cash right in this very spot.

Who is behind this fast action?
The owner of this beautiful speakeasy venue is Cuban-born, Manhattan-bred Jay Suarez, a prominent real estate investor who's single-handedly taken the initiative to try and rebuild Downtown Miami to what it once was.

What's on tap for Thursday night's preview party?
Thursday night's early action is being handled by Tara Ink, the go-to crew for all that's happening in Miami. Kettle One will be providing bootlegger-inspired cocktails and DJ Damaged Goods will be in the booth. All the art in the gallery is by the highly respected Leonardo Hidalgo.

How 'bout for the Grand Opening Weekend? Friday will be sponsored by Zacapa Rum and music provided by DJ Obscene and Paul E. While on Saturday we've got  Johnnie Walker and sounds by Euro phenom Ralph Good, formerly of The Good Guys.

Any other info we need to know about before we go-go? Please tell your friends and come by for an unforgettable experience and a great time. Let loose, relax and let us worry about everything! Hope to see you all soon.

The Bank opens this weekend.  For more information log on here

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