NiteTalk: Ace Lensgal Alissa Christine Talks About SEX

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Everybody does it. And if we didn't, none of us would be here. We do it inside; we do it outside; we do it high up in the sky. And when we're not doing it, we're thinkin' about it  -- most of the time anyway. Yes, we mean SEX. But you knew that already. Niteside got ace lensgal Alissa Christine to talk about the CANDO Arts Co-Op's latest exhibition.

Let's talk about about SEX. SEX is group art exhibit in conceptual exploration of the survival of all species -- humans especially, are uniquely diverse in our mating rituals. The exhibit, which opens at the CANDO Arts Co-op on Friday and runs through March 13, features creation in all forms, including painting, sculpture, photography, video, multi-media, multi-dimension and interactive live performance. It's hosted by me and Fritz 'E' Romeus, owner/publisher of Erotic Signature. And aural pleasures will be provided by the one and only Inga Ambrosia.

Could you please name a few of the artists? Many of the Co-op Resident Artists will be participating, including me, in addition to Erotic Signature publication participants and open call entries from Miami and beyond. Some of the artists include: Annefaye, Bryan Lahr, Charles Wayne Shelton II, Chi Lum, David Zalben, Dita Sharpley, Frank Turner, Grant Bloodgood, Gregory Robin, Griffimages, Hugh Jones, Janet M Mueller, Jo Minaxe, Julio Green, Judy Polstra, Karla Caprali, Lucinda Linderman, Luis Valle, Maria Lankina, Mark Kaufman, Maxximages, NEOICHI, Nicholas Vincent, Neoromantika, Pascale Guinet, Paul Saint Laurent, Paula Turk, Sid Daniels, Shar Pont.

How'd you decide which artists made the grade? The exhibit was curated by the CANDO Arts Co-op committee based on the artists' conceptual expression of sex and their individual perspectives of sensual appeal.

Okay. What's the CANDO Arts Co-Op anyway?
It's a group thing that all began as a one-night-stand. The founder, Ray Breslin, president of Collins Park Neighborhood Association, organized an exhibit featuring local artists as a part of the 2009 Sleepless Night event in an empty storefront owned by Ron Bloomberg. It was a success, and so they decided to let the creative spirit continue to flow through the space. My work was accepted into the very next group exhibit during Art Basel of the same year (displaying selections from my "i love miami 365" photo documentary project),  and I have been a Resident Artist Member ever since.

It feels really good to be a part of the renaissance of the Miami Beach Art Scene. We are currently 10 artists sharing an amazing 3,000 square foot space in the CANDO area of Miami Beach. CANDO, by the way, stands for Cultural Arts Neighborhood District Overlay.  We are located just one block from the Bass Museum and Miami City Ballet.

This isn't your first foray into the subject of sex is it? No it isn't. Back in '06 I participated in the Erotica group Exhibit at Lurie Gallery. And more recently I was involved with the ArtUndressed Erotic Art Fair, which extended during Art Basel 2010.

An artist's life is a sensual existence and I believe sexuality can be a strong component of that. My art sometimes intertwines these energies with the recognition of beauty through love and appreciation. As a photographer, part of the experience is the conceptual perception of my surroundings, and Miami naturally contributes intriguing resources.

Does your Brazilian heritage give you a sexier perspective? Com certeza. The Brazilian culture is notorious for being ultra sexual, and for me it translates into a celebration of life. Samba fuels the fire -- it's sensual and sexual and all about releasing those vibrations in dance and music with a sense of freedom... which directly informs my work as an artist.

Do you see more sex in your future? I don't see much difference between making love and making art, and I am going to be an artist until the day I die.

Speaking of which, what else have you got coming up? Look out for the soon to be completed "i love miami 365" project. It's a year-long photo documentary of my love affair with the Magic City. The intent is to to stimulate consciousness and gratitude of the pure and simple beauty of everyday life through photography. It's a weaving together of thoughts and inspirations, cultures and diversions, friends and strangers, locations and vibrations. Some shoots were planned, some were guerrilla encounters, and some days were serendipitous surprises. I've also got some visionary art projects in the works combining 3D photography and healing meditative energies.

Creation for me is both experiential and experimental, and the evolution continues...

SEX opens Friday, February 11, 7pm-11pm at  CANDO Arts Co-op 309 23rd Street South Beach. For more information call 305-672-3336 or log on to

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