NiteTalk: Chris MacLeod Has Got Miami in The Corner

The name brings to mind images of a big city street in the middle of a dark and lovely night, where all walks of lush life keenly collide. The place itself brings that promise all the way home. It's called The Corner, and it sits at the intersection of then and now. Co-owner Chris MacLeod fills us in on Miami's new favorite hangout.

Wanna tell us a quick bit about The Corner?
The Corner is the type of neighborhood joint that I think Miami has been waiting for -- imagined, designed and built with a lot of tender loving care. We used a lot of old wood and antiques that I've collected over the years, and because of that, the place feels as if it has an old soul.

What compelled you to open such a joint? Being a resident of Miami for over 10 years and being a lover of bars, drinks and atmosphere, the number of places that I could call a "home base" were few and far between. So when I finished building the LegalArt residency upstairs, I thought the timing was perfect to make such a place. The hope is to create a spot the neighborhood and creative community can consider "home". 

Was that also why you chose to locate in NoDo (North of Downtown)? I've actually been a property owner in the neighborhood for a number of years, so clearly I've always had hopes and vision for the area. What attracts me most is the area's history  -- most of the warehouses were built in the Teens and Twenties, which makes it one of the oldest commercial districts in a city with very little architectural history. I'm a sucker for things old and historic. Maybe that's why New Orleans is one of my favorite towns (and I'm secretly trying to being a little of the Big Easy to Miami).

Who else is in on the action with you?
My friend since second grade, Manoles Papageorgiou, moved down to Miami earlier this year from our hometown, Washington D.C., to sign on as my partner. He's the one responsible for all the detailed woodwork. His mastery of the craft allowed me to really flex my creative design side. It's been a blast working

On the management side we brought in top notch bar manager Chris Funk, previously of Gigi and Churchill's fame. Together we assembled a well thought out list of craft beers, wines and specialty cocktails.

Isn't there also a rather inventive food component? Yes, I guess you could call it inventive, although I consider us mostly a bar. We've got Melissa Cala, formerly of Michy's and Zuma, handling the eats, and we've put in a lot of time and thought into that side of our business. Our menu is a mix of European bistro and American deli influences, and though it may not the most extensive, what we do have is guaranteed fresh and prepared with TLC. We also carry a variety of desserts, milkshakes and coffee drinks. Being open from 11a.m.-5 a.m. most days, and even later on the weekends, we've got to be sure to have something for everyone at any time of the day or night.

How late will you be serving eats?
We will be serving food up until 30 minutes before close -- 4:30 a.m. Sunday through Thursday; anytime up until 8 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.,

Is there anything else folks need to know about The Corner before we go-go? Just that we're open seven days a week, from lunch through late night (no lunch Monday), and that we aim to satisfy, whatever your fancy; whether it be a scrumptious Croque Madame sandwich for lunch, a cold draft beer after work, or a whisky at three in the morning, we're your spot.

The Corner is located on the southeast corner of Northwest 11st Street and North Miami Avenue in the neighborhood known as NoDo (North of Downtown)

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