NiteTalk: Dainamite Wants Miami to “Bring the Heat”

Dainamite Resized

Everybody knows The Miami Heat will be entering the play-offs this weekend, and everybody's looking for the team to blitz the 76ers. So when Niteside saw that reggaeton rapper Dainamite had a song that might inspire just that, we decided to give it a whirl. Bring The Heat, baby!

What's the story behind the song "Bring the Heat"? I heard the songs that were currently out and I didn't think they were emotionally responsive to the team -- or the fans, so I decided to do something more inspiring. I don't consider myself as a complete English rapper, so I decided to bring Delwin to feature on the song.

How did you hook up with Delwin Da Krazyman? Delwin was introduced to me by the team at Trackfinders, which is also my Digital Distribution Partner.

Who decided to christen Bosh, Wade and James "The Three Kings"? I decided to call them "The Three Kings" because I thought it was is an inspiring phrase and it would show them more as a team and not separate them as superstars.

Do you know if any of the "Three Kings" have heard it yet? Honestly I really don't know if any of them have heard the song, but I do hope they will and that they will enjoy it like all the fans that had heard it already.

That clip is sick - who did it? The clip, beat, hooks and Spanish verses was made by me. The English verse was made by Delwin.

Have you performed the song live yet?
Yes. At the Calle Ocho Festival. The response was so great that people wanted to buy the song right that moment. Since it wasn't officially out yet I just told them to download it from YouTube and donate $5 to a non-profit organization I support called

If the team invites you down to sing it at the Triple A, what are you gonna say? I'm ready.

Any last words before we go go?
My last words will be let's make it happen. Here we go, here we go, here we go again... Bring the heat, bring the heat, cuz we will...

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