NiteTalk: Inga Ambrosia Spins the Ethereal

Miami's got a lotta top-notch DJs. But of all the cats and kittens doing the dizzy, no one does it quite as ethereally as Inga Ambrosia. Perhaps that's because her spin comes in conjunction with a life lived in utter harmony. Or maybe she's just cool like that. Whatever it is, you'll be able to experience some of its essence this Friday night at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, where Ambrosia will be putting a soundtrack to some literal Giants.

This Friday you'll be spinning some to-do at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. Can you please give us the details?
I'll be performing from 7 p.m. to midnight at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden for the Giants in the City Art Exhibition. The event features 25 inflatable sculptures and is sponsored by "Irreversible Magazine."

What kinda set might we expect? I'm going to keep it artsy -- a little Brazilian Jazz, neo-soul and a bit of funk. Normally, I read the crowd to see what they might groove to, so it's going to change over the course of the night. If they want to dance, I might slip some deep house in there or some disco. Everyone will hear something they like for sure.

Are you still doing the weekly spin at the Beach branch of Whole Foods too? Yes, I will be there tonight and every first Wednesday for the Live Music Night. I'm usually there a couple times a month on holidays and special events as well. This month will mark my fourth year of spinning there. 

Where else might we hear you do the dizzy? I spin once a month at Rumeur Boutique in Miami Shores, Bluster's in Hollywood for the Shani Talk Show & Live Comedy and Bella Teens Fashion Show in Pembroke Pines. Most of my gigs are at art galleries, weddings or teen parties because I keep it pretty clean.

Spinning isn't all that you do though. Seems there's been a good bit of modeling too. Wanna fill us in? Sure. I've modeled for the Transplant Foundation at Parrot Jungle, The Dream Foundation Fashion Show at M.I.A. for charity and Divine Trash put a few of my pictures in their upcoming brochure after modeling some of their one-of-a-kind dresses and jewelry. Also I did a fun shoot for Humble Bumble Bee, which is a company that makes these adorable mini hats. Kris Starry was the photographer. Oh, and Carson Couture, a Miami-based fashion company gave me my first modeling gig last year. That was originally a favor for a friend but it turned into a side career.

Ever tempted to spin the fashion shows you're in? For the Dream Foundation I was actually walking the runway so I couldn't spin, but they did include music from my debut album "Abyssal Plane" as part of a compilation for guests. I did spin a fashion show for Eco Chic at Earthdance one year.

Don't you also run some kinda workshops? Yep, Ambrosia Vegan Boot Camp is an online video-based tutorial teaching people how to transition to a vegan diet. Right now, I have about 16,000 views on YouTube so people are definitely watching it. In person, I've been running a series called "Saving the Family Institution through a Plant-based Diet."  We look at videos, discuss health concerns and break down the mother's role in healing the family from obesity and disease. There is a three-course vegan meal provided and everyone leaves happy.  I'm available to do these at churches, schools, homes or offices.

When you hit the town, where do you most dig going?
My favorite hangout by far is happy hour at Doraku on Lincoln Road. Second is World Resources a few blocks down. Mainly, I like both places for the vibe and the vegan options. I also spend a lot of time at Jazid because my musician friends are always playing there.  And lately I've been going to the Mondrian and Vinyl & Kai. However, I got invited to B Bar at the Betsey Hotel and thought, 'My goodness, this place came right out of my dreams!' Dim lights, reflective ceiling and couches everywhere. My kind of place for sure.

What's coming up for Inga Ambrosia?
I'm re-releasing my debut album through Believe Distribution in a couple weeks, which will help me reach a global audience. This time next year I hope to be finishing up a world tour called "Ambrosia Euphoria," which will actually start this month in California. Beyond that, I'm looking for a publisher for my debut nonfiction novel "The Fire Principle," which explores the transfer of positive and negative energy. 

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