NiteTalk: Talking Unicorns and Gummy Bears with Typoe from Primary Flight

Another Second Saturday clicks off the calendar and another art-starved horde gets served, sated and set loose on the streets of our increasingly teaming city. And if the mass delirium was any indication, Typoe's show at Spinello got everybody giddy and gone. Then again, when an exhibit is called "Bang Bang" and consists of unicorns, gummy bears, and guns, what else would you expect? Niteside got with the "letter junkie and alphabet abstractor" to see what's what. Two days later our ears are still ringing.

For those who don't know, what's Primary Flight? Primary Flight is the largest street mural exhibition in the world. There are owners -- myself and Books [BLACKBOOKS] -- and we have a whole team of people we work with, including Spinello, plus literally hundreds of artists from all over the world. Right now we're opening up a storefront and offices here in the Design District.

So Miami's your primary base, right?
Right. We plan on using Miami as our petri dish, just to play with ideas and things like that. Then we're going to take it on the road. We want to take Primary Flight around the world.

What's The Cat Pajamas? That's my crew. It's me and about 20 other dudes, worldwide.

And what's "Bang Bang" all about anyway? The whole show began with journal entries I did in elementary school. One of them asked, "If I could be an object what would I be and why?" And I said, "I'd be a gun so I could shoot stuff." And my teacher's like, "What's going on here?" [Laughs] Another asked, "If I could be perfect at one thing, what would it be?" And I wrote, "I would be perfect at graffiti because then I would have mad skills and I could write everywhere." And my teacher wrote, '"And you make a living like this?" And I wrote back, "Yes!" I've always had an interest in graffiti and weapons and crazy s--- that I don't think most little kids are into.

What's with this "Confetti Death" piece? That's made from tops to spray cans that have been sent to me from all over the world. I'm doing a whole series about the tools we all work with and leave behind; that we put our blood, sweat and tears to. And I come along and collect them all and put them into one thing.

And what about this mural of a Marlboro Man lassoing a unicorn? [Laughs] Well, some of these pieces represent the more serious side of me, but like anybody, there are many different sides. This one's like, "If you know me then you know how I joked and you would understand." We always say a lot of stupid s--- about unicorns and Gummy Bears. I literally can't walk out of CVS without at least two packages of Gummy Bears.

You need to get them to sponsor you; do "The Gummy Bear Tour." I wish. That would be fantastic. 

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