NiteTalk: The Hongs Hit the Pickle’s Way Huge Artwalk Afterparty

The Hongs R

Art may be the reason for Second Saturday, but Artwalk has really become more of a blowout bacchanal. Since no self-respecting blowout ends at 11, it’s up to the afterparties to make it official. That makes The Electric Pickle’s Way Huge Artwalk Afterparty pretty much a must. With Miami's own The Hongs taking the stage alongside such heavies as UK's Crazy P, the must is unequivocal. Niteside got The Hongs’ Gordon Myers to give up some background.

What the hell’s a Hong? The reference is based in ancient China, where the Hongs were independent business houses responsible for foreign trade. Like our namesakes, we’re "Indie" in totality -- we produce, promote and distribute our own recordings -- and in many respects the band is run like a business.

Do The Hongs have their own house yet? We do, and it’s state of the art.

What will the worldly hear when they hit The Electric Pickle this Saturday? The crowd at the Pickle will hear the high velocity collision of Disco, Electro, Reggae, Rock and Jazz.

Might The Hongs also alter the way the world listens? Indeed. The band’s approach forces the audience to open up their ears to new ideas of what pop music can be.

Who all is in The Hongs anyway? Aaron Lebos (guitar), Rodolfo Zuniga (drums) and me (bass/vox) are currently the core members of the collective. This trio has been developing its sound for three years, and it’s they who will be playing the Electric Pickle on the 8th

Isn’t there also a small slew of peripheral regulars among The Hongs collaborators? Yes, The Hongs collective of musicians include original members Eric Escanes (guitar) and Alejandro Fernandez, as well as Didi Gutman (keyboard synths), Aaron Johnston (drums, programming) Smurphio (raving), Digo (stunt guitar player), Colin James (keyboards) and Mateus Rozay (producer), and they’ve all made stunning musical contributions.

Have The Hongs racked any product yet? On October 5th The Hongs first official EP, Delicate Tremors, will be available on several online services and on CD. We've spent the last year working with the producer Wayne "The Brain" Allison and Brazilian Girls production team Jesse Yusef Murphy, Didi Gutman and Aaron Johnston. Another EP will be released in the summer of 2013 showcasing additional tracks from these collaborations. To mark the debut’s occasion we will be performing at Bardot.

What else is on The Hongs horizon? In the future the band will continue to produce their own recordings as well as try to elevate other Miami talent with the completion of a new state of the art studio at Hongs HQ. Different versions band will be on the road in the fall thru spring next year.

The Hongs play The Electric Pickle’s Way Huge Artwalk Afterparty Saturday September 8th. For more information log on here.

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