Now That's Something to Sing About

Singing meets sushi at Red Koi Lounge’s Karaoke Klub. Nothing says Tuesday like a little sake and song

We’ll have a few rainbow rolls, some miso soup and a shrimp tempura or two. Oh, and don’t forget to cue up a little Def Leopard while you’re at it. With the addition of upstairs loft Karaoke Klub, Red Koi Lounge in Coral Gables now has karaoke on its menu.

Open for business starting on St. Patrick’s Day—and every Tuesday thereafter—Karaoke Klub encourages you to have a little too much sake and then take a stand at the mic in its loft-like setting. Your friends, sitting around on the fancy leather couches, will more than likely cheer you on or hang their heads in shame, depending on how much they’ve had to drink from the loft’s fully stocked bar.

If you make it over for opening night, you’ll be rewarded with Lucky Leprechaun Midori shots. They may come in handy if somewhere between 7 p.m. and midnight you get the urge to sing “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” Go ahead and have another shot of sake, just in case.

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