Vivica A. Fox Says There’s “No Drama” With Ex-Beau 50 Cent

Vivica A. Fox dishes on her dream role, and her short-lived romance with 50 Cent that caused a tabloid tsunami. NiteSide caught up with Fox over the weekend celebrating late-night with new twentysomething beau, Slimm, inside the VIP room at North Miami Beach's Matador Lounge.

In light of your turbulent split with 5O Cent were you surprised that he asked you to appear in the music video for "Do You Think About Me"? What's your relationship with him now?

It didn't surprise me at all. Curtis and I like to do things that shock the world and we definitely did that by shooting that video. I was so happy to do that to show people that we're still friends. We had never been seen on camera together. We're totally cool. There's no drama between us at all. It was fun.

What do you think attracts so many celebs like yourself to Miami as opposed to New York or Los Angeles?

This would be closing time if we were in L.A. Miami reminds me of what L.A. used to be back in the day. There's so many cultures here and so many places to go. The people are always ready to have a good time and the clubs are always packed. It's one of my favorite cities.

Would you like to star in a movie shot in Miami? Does the city offer a good backdrop for filmmaking?

Absolutely! There's beautiful turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and fly hotels. There are beautiful people that would make excellent extras. The film could be real James Bond sexy.

What's your dream movie role?

Whitney Houston. I would love to play Whitney in a film based on her life. She's an inspiring woman who's overcome tragedies. Whitney is a survivor.

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