Peaceful Prana

This yoga studio has been a favorite since downward dog was just a puppy

Instead of going to happy hour and drinking yourself bloated, why not try something a little healthier, something like yoga.

Maybe you’re scared of the stretching or the heavy sweating, but in all honesty, you’ll look and feel better. Sounds like your mom or your trainer talking? Mom knows best.

Sanskrit for "breath," Prana is a great place to come and just breathe. This yoga center has been providing ladies and men with quality yoga classes for the last 10 years. The atmosphere is peaceful; a mix of Coral Gables and Santa Fe.

Prana Yoga teaches student of all levels, genders and ages. Bring your kids for some early training, ages 5-9, or your unborn for prenatal yoga. Prana offers teacher training for the ambitious and monthly workshops, where one might work on things like opening their hips or their Sanskrit. The studio has begun offering massages for those who want to increase circulation without the strain of movement. Some may tag them as lazy, others as wise.

Richard Sherman is a poplar draw. This handsome, enthusiastic and fantastic teacher brings in a crowd each Friday night for the Community Class, for which all proceeds go toward a charity, and each week is different. All the teachers have something great to offer though, each with their own style and strengths.

Sure, a single class is $17, but you’ll enjoy your experience enough to buy a package.

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