Pitbull Is Blanked at Latin Billboards

If we've learned nothing else from Kanye West, it's that the most beloved artists don't always win awards. But knowing doesn't dull our horror at seeing our very own Pitbull, our beloved Mr. 305, get shut out on his own turf at the Billboard Latin Music Awards last night. On the University of Miami campus at the school's BankUnited Center, Pitbull lost in each of the five categories in which he was nominated: Latin Rhythm Airplay Song of the Year ('Bon Bon'); Latin Rhythm Airplay Artist of the Year, Solo; Latin Rhythm Album of the Year ('Armando'); and Latin Rhythm Albums Artist of the Year, Solo. Just as well, we suppose, because it's not even clear what that last category is. But while we mourn Billboard's obvious inability to appreciate one man's hardcore dedication to samples and booty shaking, we must acknowledge that Miami did breed the big winner, even if we hate admitting it: Enrique Iglesias won the glass plaque in 9 of his 11 possible categories. Aye, chico!

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