Puny, Little P.U.M.A. Premieres

Electric car uses Segway technology

General Motors may have an answer to their money problems, thanks to the folks at Segway.

GM is unveiling a futuristic fuel saver at 2009 International Auto Show in New York this week.

The two-seated concept car is battery operated and uses Segway technology to move around.

The company claims the little go-cart will not only eliminate costs at the pump and solve parking and safety issues in big cities, but, as The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, the vehicle is "designed to move easily through congested urban streets.

P.U.M.A. – an acronym for Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility -- is an electric two-seat, two-wheel prototype vehicle which allows drivers to travel around cities more quickly, safely, quietly and cleanly, and at a lower total cost. 

The vehicle is built to carry two or more passengers and can travel up to 25 miles per hour, with a range of up to 25 miles between charges.

"GM and Segway's joint venture is probably best described as a rickshaw without all the charm," engadget.com aptly reported.

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