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Ashton Kutcher Blogs About Inaugural Bush Bashing: The 2009 Inauguration of Barack Obama has drawn to a close, but the celebs who packed Washington D.C. are still buzzing about everything that went down in the nation’s capitol. Ashton Kutcher, who was at Obama’s swearing in ceremony with Demi Moore, took to his MySpace blog in defense of exiting President George W. Bush. “I was less impressed by the boo’s as the republican representative took the stage. I found it to be offensive and separating. I was also appauled (sic) by the people who didn’t stand when former President, then President G W Bush appeared. I urged the people around me to rise,” the actor wrote on his MySpace blog. “Regardless of whether or not you agree with, or like the man, he at that time was still our president and he gave 8 years of his life to serve you. The cook might not be making what you like but be greatful (sic) for the fact that he’s serving you at all… Don’t be an Obama patriot, be a patriot.” It truly is the dawn of a new era in America when the person who unleashed “Punk’d” and Kelso on the world is doling out political etiquette critiques.

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SJP Cheers Michelle’s Style: In a critique we trust a whole lot more than Ashton’s, Sarah Jessica Parker had nothing but praise for Michelle Obama’s Jason Wu inaugural ball gown. “She’s perfection,” Sarah Jessica told Us Weekly. “I am a great admirer of her support of American designers. I think she will be great for the business of American fashion and fashion designers.” Michelle got the SJP stamp of approval and there wasn’t a giant flower headdress anywhere in sight!

Hottest Obama Staffer Results Are In: Something a bit tacky was bound to happen when it came to Obama’s staff, and was the first to go there with their, “Who’s the hottest Obama staffer?” poll. After thousands of votes, Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel topped the list. See who else made the Obama staffer hottie list HERE!

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Do The Barack Bump!: There was a slew of brave people in Washington DC on Tuesday — braving the cold and braving the crowds — but by far the bravest of them all has to 14-year-old Victoria Lucas who did “the Bump” with President Barack Obama at the Neighborhood Ball Tuesday night. “I said to him, ‘Let’s start the Bump,’ and he was like, ‘Well, okay!’ And we just started doing the Bump,” Victoria told People. “He’s just an all-American good dancer. I hope I find a boy like that!” We might want to consider making “the Bump” our new national dance… and, see President Obama and Victoria getting down on the dance floor HERE!

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