See Some Same Sex Cinema

The Miami and Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival proudly rolls into town April 24 through May 3

Have you ever seen a gay film (no, that’s not what we mean)? What about a lesbian film (and we don’t mean that either)? Ever set your sights on transgender cinema (and no, “Hedwig” doesn’t count)?

Whether you’re a gay film expert or a complete same-sex cinema virgin, you can catch gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual movies all over Miami and Fort Lauderdale for the next week and a half, thanks to HBO and the Miami and Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Eleven years running, the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival brings a parade of flicks to South Florida from April 24 through May 3.

Haul out your biggest can of hairspray, because this year’s highlights include a presentation of “John Waters, This Filthy World Dirtier & Filthier,” by Waters himself. The multitalented movie master will receive a Career Achievement Award at the festival on May 1. Stick around after the show to see if he’ll autograph your White Rain. 

The big to-do Opening Gala boasts the East Coast premiere of “Patrik, Age 1.5,” while a screening and East Coast premiere of “Little Ashes,” featuring “Twilight’s” Robert Pattinson closes out the festivities. 

Gay, straight, bisexual, transgender—whatever you may be—there’s plenty of cinema for you to see. You might even bump into the Governor there. So the next time we ask if you’ve ever seen a gay movie, you’ll know exactly what we mean.


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