South Florida “Avengers” Fans Can “Suit Up” Themselves – in Art

The movie with many of Marvel's biggest heroes opens Friday

The box office numbers are expected to be as big as the action superheroes – Hulk big!

“The Avengers” brings together many of Marvel Comics’ biggest heroes – and highest-grossing heroes – in one movie.

“The Avengers” is already a hit internationally, where it has been playing for two weeks – and projections for its domestic gross are said to give even the Boy Wizard a run for Hogwarts as the superhero confab may challenge the weekend record of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2” ($169 million). “The Avengers” opens Friday.

As it does, the Comics Factory in Hollywood is giving fans a chance to "suit up" as your favorite comic book hero and putting you in the action of your own superhero story.

Making your own “superhero art” is as easy as uploading a picture.

“We were able to get licensing rights from Marvel to use their superheroes,” says co-founder Assi Glikshtein.

The whole idea “is to be whoever you want to be,” he says.

Once you approve your carefully crafted image, it goes to print on canvas board paper and then is stretched out by hand. Prices begin at $110.

Spider-Man is the most requested superhero, but with “The Avengers” almost here, Captain America is in high demand.

Check out for more on personalizing a superhero snapshot.

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