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Tigertail Org raises cash for art

Being an artist is sometimes a strange, sad, financially exhausting experience. Mostly one that involves being broke.

It’s not just artists that need cash though, organizations that support the arts also need a ton of dough to support all those poor creative bastards out there.

Miami based Tigertail Productions has been supporting these folks for 30 years now. This nationally recognized organization has commissioned, presented and produced more than 500 artists in the performing and visual arts. The org’s programs serve those of all cultures, abilities, ages and incomes, so in fact, Tigertail is in need of money, too.

Last month, Tigertail hosted “Art with Edge” at the Galerie Adler Bertin-Toublanc with performances, installations and music to raise money for their purpose. Though the fundraiser itself is over, there’s always fundraising to do for the arts. The auction that began that night still lives online. There are still 12 of the 33 pieces donated to the silent auction left unsold.

The twelve unsold pieces are by the following artists: Pablo Cano, Paul Clemence, Julie Kahn, Michael Loveland, Gean Moreno, Kerry Phillips, Judith Robertson, Sara Stites, Michelle Weinberg, Tom Weinkle, Wendy Wischer and Purvis Young.

The auction ends this Sunday at 6 p.m., so get on there and bid what you can, because there’s no denying, the world needs a little more beauty in it!

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