The Animals Are Tropical

The Downhome Southernaires have a new name and a new album -- and we likey

If you haven’t heard of The Down Home Southernaires, well, it’s too late for that to matter.

Although the band remains one of Miami’s most talented groups, their name has changed. This is breaking news, as the re-christening took place only days ago. Listen up music nerds, the band is now called Animal Tropical.

We’ve been informed the name should be said in Spanish, but that it’s not necessary.

Animal Tropical just released their newest album, "Doom Years," an ominous name with a lighthearted sound.

To give you an idea, "Doom Years" starts out psychedelic with a touch of Talking Heads and tiny taste of The Fall. It then gets all Beach Boys with a second of "Star Wars"-meets-reggaeton and finishes off Stephen Malkmus-like. We could keep going, but really, why bother. It's a well-rounded sounding group of influences, but, generally speaking, it makes for an original sound.

These guys are one of the local few who have real high-prof potential. Animal Tropical includes Kristopher Pabon, Jorge Rubiera, Jarrett Hann and Jose Castello. All these boys are hitting the road this month for a tour, but first they’re gracing Churchill’s Pub with a show this Thursday.

The New York leg of the tour will be taking place the week of the 27th, starting at the ever grimy Lit Lounge. Check out their blog for more dates and definitely don’t miss the show.

Download the album so you're prepared with lyrics and tunes in your head.

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