The Baby Is Back

Doesn't get much better than ribs and beer at Flanigan's

It’s 3 a.m. on a Saturday night, you have baby back ribs on the mind and you need another beer. If there were any one reason you’re blessed to be living in Miami, it is that in this predicament, you are near a Flanigan’s Seafood Bar and Grill. All your needs will be met and all cravings satisfied.

For 50 years, Flanny’s has fed locals well and intoxicated them adequately. From Pinecrest to Stuart, there are 22 locations, though the Coconut Grove restaurant has the most authentic feel of a mariner’s abode. The wooden bar, booths and tables offer the seaside atmosphere appropriate for a town on the Atlantic. The walls have eyes inside of at least one mounted swordfish and are covered with seafarers’ gear and pictures of friends of Flanny’s posing with the catches of the day.

There is, debatably, no tastier land-animal than the pig, and Flanigan’s knows how to barbeque baby back ribs in a way which compliments this delicious beast. Also known for its seafood and garlic laden rolls, you will be pleased with any dish you order.

The true highlight of the eating and drinking experience are the daily specials and inexpensive happy hour. At Mexican Mondays, buy a pitcher of beer (or soda, lemonade or iced tea, but let’s be real, you’re getting a beer), and you will get a free plate of loaded nachos. Tumbleweed Tuesdays get you free tumbleweed onions and Wing It Wednesdays - you got it - free wings. There’s also a clutch lunch menu that will stuff for only $4.99.

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