The Dangers of Drinking Unpasteurized Cereal Lube

[1] Slow down on getting your milk straight from the udder. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that after reports of illness caused by people drinking unpasteurized cereal lube, both the FDA and CDC are urging both people not to buy it and states to better regulate it.

[2] Food for Thought has taken the time to provide the names (and links to sites when available) of the 2010 James Beard Award Foundation's finalists for the food journalism category. We'd like to thank the Academy...

[3] And speaking of listicles, the Chowfather has categorized his faves by "Tiers of Excellence". Who's at the top of the list, tier 1? Who else.

[4] Pouring your own sake may be bad luck, but its an even worse offense to not know the proper way to enjoy it. The Herald helps with a Sake Tasting 101.

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