The Royal Treatment for Your Lips

…plus a little something for your entire face and cootie-free cosmetics

PUCKER UP: If, while rooting through your purse, you stumble upon more than a handful of lip glosses, you may very well be a Lipstick Queen. The kiss-obsessed company’s latest line, Fifteen Minutes of Fame, is inspired by Andy Warhol and offers an alternative to almost every gloss out there: it’s absolutely shimmer-free. If you’re looking for a sleek, smooth shine, get this gloss. We’re positive your love for the product will last way longer than its namesake. Available in 15 shades. $16.50, Lipstick Queen

PUT YOUR BEST FACE FORWARD: Your blush, your foundation, your powder, your shadow, your gloss, your liner … ugh, no wonder your makeup bag is the size of a suitcase. It’s time to stick all your makeup needs into one disc, like this one from Lauren Hutton. The Naturals Face Disc boasts 11 makeup must-haves, plus it carries natural origin ingredients recommended by the Natural Products Association. Plus, it comes in a variety of shades that match your skin tone. Take that, and tote it around with you, too. $49.90, HSN

GUNK BE GONE: While we’re on the subject, there’s something you need to know about your cosmetics. Germaphobes, cover your eyes. What we’re about to share is not for the faint at heart. But the truth is, there’s all kinds of icky stuff growing on your makeup. You may think your just slipping on some blush, but you’re buffing on nothing but bacteria. Bleck. Give those gross germs the red light with Beauty So Clean. It’s like Mr. Clean for your makeup. The line includes a Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist that blasts bacteria from powder-based products, like blush, shadows and pressed powders. And the germaphobes breathe a collective sign of relief.  $15, Alcone Company

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