The Week in Web: Canine Gourmets + Vagina Sofas

A Japanese cooking show starring a poodle, the vagina couch, and other oddities the internet was talking about this week

  • This French poodle's name is Francis. On today's episode of Cooking With Dog, he and this nice lady are going to demonstrate how you make Gyudon (Japanese Rice Bowl). Of course they are -- because they're in Japan, where TV shows are 500 percent more awesome than anywhere else on earth.
  • This woman called her son too much -- and by too much, we mean 49 times a day -- so the judge found her guilty of stalking and slapped her with a fine.
  • You'd better get cracking, or somebody else is going to snap up this vagina couch for sale on Craigslist and you'll have to live the rest of your life knowing that someone else is sitting on your vagina couch.
  • Ever wonder what Simon would say to Tom Waits, Louis Armstrong, Morrissey or Bjork? ("Indulgent nonsense" is our best guess. Especially to Bjork.) Sound & Vision lists them among 30 Iconic Voices American Idol Would Hate.
  • At social marketing company Izea, they held a "pimp your cubicle" contest and people really got into it. Realllly. There's a bathroom cubicle with a real toilet, and yes, that dog is wearing a sombrero. Coolest company ever? Or special "sadults" episode of The Office?
  • And here are the 100 Best Movie Lines ever in 200 Seconds. Whew.
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