Seaworthy Tribute to MJ and Beatles

Underwater Music Fest Pays Tribute to King of Pop, Fab Four

If you can stomach one more tribute to Jacko this week, here’s something a little different. Snorklers and scuba divers will be bobbing their heads and doing the moonwalk underwater this weekend to pay tribute to Michael Jackson and The Beatles at the Underwater Music Festival in the Keys.

It's the 25th anniversary of the underwater festival, and organizers decided it would be fitting to pay tribute not only to the King of Pop but also to the 40-year anniversary of the Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine' album.

The underwater fun starts Saturday at 10 a.m. off Big Pine Key.

“‘Yellow Submarine’ has been one of our favorites for listening underwater,” said the event's founder Bill Becker.

So, of course, d
ivers portraying “Ringo Starfish,” “John Lemon-shark,” “Paul McCarpney” and “George Herringson” will be showcased underwater for the festival. The concert, broadcast beneath the sea on underwater speakers, lasts for four hours. There are typically about 600 attendees, so grab your snorkel and fins, and get there early. 

“As far as we know this isn’t done anywhere else in the world. “Where else can you go underwater, listen to music that is specially selected to be underwater and view the beauties of the coral reef,” said Becker.

If you want to dive into the 25th annual Underwater Music Festival, look for a Lower Keys dive charter at or

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