Time to Shine

Whatever your talent may be, show it tonight at Churchill's

Everyone’s good at something.

Maybe your talent is not so obvious: Isn’t that what makes you so truly interesting?

Tonight at Churchill’s Pub, come show Miami your hidden skills and what you're really all about.

It’s the first Churchill’s Got Talent night hosted by the fabulous Debbie D, formerly of electroclash girl duo Avenue D. When you all aren’t on stage showing off, she’ll be DJing reggae, Caribbean music and Jamaican ska.

Those interested in having center stage will have five minutes to display their talent.

Not the stuff we already know about, if we know you and have seen you on stage before.

This is about revealing something new. Contestants will be judged, filmed and reviewed according to originality, talent, presentation and crown appeal.

The winner receives booze and the chance to make it to the finals and possibly win cash.

Bring your ukelele, contortionist moves or whatever it is you think you’re good at. It’s cool, we will judge you.

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