Tune into Power 90s Sex

A real Miami homage to a decade of extremes

If you grew up in Miami, you’ve listened to Power 96, whether it was the week you were into booty at age 10, because your bus driver liked DJ Laz, or maybe just because you grew up in West Kendall. You know the vibe and you know the tunes.

Power 90s Sex, plays on this legendary station’s name to label a new night dedicated to this awkward age of Nirvana and Uncle Luke. A decade that inspired a generation to dance. To dance, and to dress badly.

This new monthly party is being thrown by performers and “Diamond Girls” Andi Metro and Debbie D. The latter was a member of the duo Avenue D, who were once at the forefront of the electroclash movement. The act was somewhat booty bas(s)ed and consisted of two sexy, young ladies who, in their hit song, asked the world the age-old question, “Do I Look Like a Slut?”

With Power 90s Sex, Debbie has created her ideal party, the only requisite is that everyone dance all night. This is the second installment of the 90s themed extravaganza, and last week featured Miami’s own 90s booty bass. The umbrella of musical styles on other nights covers many genres within this tackiest of decades. Expect some grunge, Ace of Base and even Argentine alternative music. Whatever makes the booty move will reign supreme.

This party is also a birthday celebration for visual artist Dylan Romer, who will be providing the visual effects. This week he’ll be featuring a mind-blowing video, so don’t expect to see him hard at work on his Xbox controller making magic on the screen, but do expect some awesome stimulation. Though Debbie and Andi remain the resident DJs, this special occasion calls for guests at the turntables, including DJ Healer, Mr. Feathers and Jenny Rey.

The party takes place at 10 p.m. at Black Sheep on Miami Beach.

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