Two Kids Should Be the Limit: Eco-Expert

A green expert says parents with more than two children (this means you, Octuplet Lady) are being "irresponsible"

Some women are really into motherhood, and nothing -- not turning your life into a sea of sippy cups or the prospect of years without a decent night's sleep -- can deter them from having more children. The now-infamous bearer of octuplets, who rounded out her brood to 14, was literally "obsessed " with breeding from an early age, according to her own mother. (And now apparently wants Oprah to give her a TV show).

But a British eco-expert suggests that this woman's in vitro fertilization and resulting soccer team of spawn are just plain irresponsible: You can't procreate like it's your job and not contribute to global warming, he says. (Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the Jolie-Pitts, you've been warned!)

In the U.K.'s Times, Jonathon Porritt, head of the government's Sustainable Development Commission, calls for global leaders and eco-activists to stop dodging the question of "environmental harm" caused by overpopulation, and says curbing growth "through contraception and abortion must be at the heart of policies to fight global warming."

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