Indy party takes Spiderpussy's place

If you’ve been around Miami long enough and are between the ages of 22 and 35, you probably remember going by Spiderpussy for a night of dancing wildly, drinking and having, what we call in Miami, a blast. The party may have moved from place to place, from Tuesdays to Thursdays, but it definitely stayed busy and kept the midweek alight with hook-up and booty-shaking possibilities.

Like any party intent on enduring, Spider changed forms and evolved. For the last year, Andrews Lorenzana & Rafael DeOnate have been throwing eXposure. The party is still indy, but not quite in the same way that Spider was. Less Brit pop, more electronica, more hip hop. It caters to the crowd that is physically able to go out on a Monday night and get up for work in the morning, not the crowd that remembers when Bona Drag was released and now has a “lights out at 11” rule.

Lorenzana and DeOnate both spin under different monikers, Al B Rotten and Johnny Strokes, respectively, along with a few others with revealing names, DJs Shyguy, Lazyface and Keen One.

The night has a genuine club atmosphere. It has an element of downtown glam and an element of cute, underage slut to it, not to imply anything illegal, but more like edgy and fun. Every party town needs a Monday night, and well, this is ours.

You saw correctly, Monday night. The party takes place at White Room, 1306 North Miami Ave, at the regular time, after 10 p.m., on until 5 a.m.. This week is Neon Lights, so you should wear your neon best and bring the night alive with unnatural shades of pink.

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