W is for Wow

One more swanky hotel pops up on South Beach just in time for, um, not much

Just when we thought we were done celebrating the opening of all the swanky new hotels with chi-chi lounges and poolside cabanas fit for a celeb (or 20), the W South Beach finally opens its doors, just in time for, um, summer.

It may not be the best time to debut your 408 rooms of luxury, but if anyone can pull it off, it's the W. So sit back and let us take you through a fabulous weekend at South Beach's newest hotspot.

First stop: Wheels. It's the W's catchy name (they've got a lot of those, keep reading) for Valet. They'll whisk your Bentley (or Toyota, whatevs) away to their on-site - that's right, on site - parking garage. What's the big dealio about that you might ask?

Um, just that no one has an on-site parking garage on South Beach and ergo it takes forever and a day to get your car back. On-site garage means a quick getaway. And you've got places to go.

But not right now. You're ready for some first-minute shopping, as all that vacation excitement turned into a poorly packed weekend tote. Good thing the W's chic boutique has everything you need - and don't need but suddenly realized you have to have.

There's Rosa Cha bikinis, House of Harlow (Nicole Richie's line) accessories, and Jimmy Jane vibrators (just in case it's a d-bag kind of weekend). Don't forget to bring home presents -- a gangsta rap coloring book for little Chloe and Tokidoki USB drive for the bro.

Is it time for a drink yet? Why yes it is -- but not before you throw you things down in Wonderful (that's the name of your suite), which has a balcony and ocean view (they all do, actually), Bliss bathroom products, and did we mention the ocean view?

Bikini intact, head down to Wet - that would be the pool - for a cocktail or three and an afternoon dip before primping for dinner at Soleà, brought to you by the guys behind Lincoln Road's Italian gem Quattro. Come August, the notorious Mr. Chow will move in and surely bring its culinary street cred with it.

After a lovely meal, it's time to call it a night.

As if. It's time to take it to the Wall. Watch out Liv, this nightclub -- designed by the guys of Mokai (aka the Quattro guys) and the Opium Group (Set, Prive) -- is going to give you a run for its bottle service money.

Rise and shine! You could hit Swoosh for some b-ball action, Swing for a tennis match, or Sweat for a little treadmilling. But we're thinking your more in the mood for some pampering. Bliss Spa (which is set to open in the fall) has got you covered -- literally. Manis, pedis, massages, facials, for which we've only got one word, too: Ahhh.

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