A Bone-Dry Brow

…plus a new store for shopping scores and free money

SHINY UNHAPPY PEOPLE: Girls like things that are shiny, like diamonds. Your face, however, not so much. While ladies can simply dab on powder to downplay the shine, guys have it a little rougher. Luckily, men’s lines like Jack Black are making it easy for him to hide the side effects of humidity. All Day Oil Control Lotion reduces sebum production and absorbs excess facial oils with natural ingredients. Hey, in this heat, you need all the help you can get. Plus, the product keeps your palms dry—remember that when you ask for your big raise. $26, Jack Black 

BOUTIQUE ALERT: Just when you thought Lincoln Road traded in all its local flair for corporate this and that, a new boutique springs up, bringing with it hope for a less chain-filled shopping experience. Marcella Acosta is a new boutique from a world-traveler of the same name. While she’s as common as coffee to Colombia, she’s definitely a new flavor for Miami. Look for bohemian-inspired designs and her earthy jewelry line, Esmeralda, at her brand-spanking new boutique. 940 Lincoln Road, Suite 205, Miami Beach; 305.534.8021

HEY, BIG SPENDER: The more you spend, the more you get—if only that were true. Wait, now it is. Today only, all Saks Fifth Avenue stores and Saks online are giving you gift cards with free money toward future purchases when you spend in its stores today for Spend Some Get Some. Lay down $250 for that much-needed [insert thing you’ve been craving all summer] and get a free $25 for the next time you just have to have it. This time around, it literally pays to go shopping.   

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