We Didn't Start the Fire

Often people are inspired by a decade or era in fashion history. This look sometimes dominates their dress, hair and even musical tastes. By 1990, no one thought that anyone would willingly get stuck in the eighties, but we know now that some people have remained in that tackiest of decades.

If you’re one of these people, or just interested in dressing up in the most garish garbs mankind ever constructed, then the annual 80s Prom is the place you need to be tonight. This is the sixth year of prom, which takes place on the eve of Thanksgiving. From the party’s beginnings at Soho Lounge, the party remains strong at Vagabond.

Everyone gets into the party theme, so there will be teased hair and cream puff dresses. Don’t be the only hipster in a plaid shirt and skinny jeans, make an effort to take the night off from your idea of cool. The music of the eighties was much better than the looks, so this is one reason to swing by. The prom band is The State Of, playing eighties cover songs, DJs Ray Milian, Tommy Gunn will be spinning new wave, while Hottpants and Laura of WVUM will be bringing the booty and freestyle. Debbie D’s dance troupe Dancestasy will be performing for the pleasure of the masses.

We hope there will be a transition to a nineties prom soon. Although the eighties were delightful, there’s still a burning in our loins to dress even uglier and dance awkwardly to “The Sign.” Doors open at 10 and entrance is $5 before midnight and $10 after.

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