Who You Callin' Fat?

Is Miami full of fatty, fatty, two-by-fours?

When the reality show “The Biggest Loser” rolled into town earlier this month to hold a casting call for its eighth season at The Shops at Midtown Miami, it left us wondering: Is Miami fat or are we just big-boned?

Considering Miami was one of only 14 cities the show visited, the outcome looked grim. And according to “Men’s Fitness’” 2009 Fattest Cities in America round up, Miami tips the scale as THE fattest city in the U.S. As though that’s not bad enough, the article details Miami’s obsession with ice cream. Turns out we have 141 percent more ice cream shops than most cities. (Forget Starbucks, we’ve got a different gelato shop on every corner.)

Behind Miami’s promotional ads featuring tanned and toned bodies frolicking up and down the shoreline lies a dark underbelly hanging over our city’s belt buckle. “Men’s Fitness” even takes a jab at our mayor saying, “Mayor Manuel A. Diaz participates in fewer fitness-related public events than most mayors.” What do you know, it seems our whole city is ripe for “The Biggest Loser’s” pickings.

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