Yellow Green Farmers Market In Hollywood Will Be Open This Weekend

The Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood will be open this weekend after the city previously said it would be temporarily shut down due to safety and parking concerns. 

Reports that the weekend-only market would be temporarily closed emerged after the city cited “potential life-safety issues created by unpermitted work and fire-access issues,” according to

“We’ll continue to work with the owners of the facility, expediting permits and inspections, in an effort to allow the market to reopen as soon as it is safe to do so,” the city told the website via e-mail.

The City of Hollywood said their primary concern involved unpermitted electrical work and making sure fire trucks can go easily in and out of the market. The city deemed the market an "unsafe structure," but said they were working with the owners to ensure conditions are safe. 

Owners of the market said that while the market is experiencing rapid growth, it is safe and properly permitted, according to 

“YGFM calls on the City of Hollywood to allow YGFM to continue with its expansion and improvements without shutting down the market’s operations or further threats of punitive action from the City,” the market said in a news release, adding that a closure would “devastate hundreds of families who rely on YGFM as its primary income and thousands of visitors who have come to love the market and its surroundings in Hollywood.”

The market, located on North 30th Road between Taft and Sheridan streets, received nationwide recognition when Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay paid a visit in April.

On Friday, it was determined that the market would stay open for the upcoming weekend. Manager Mark Menagh said there will be a special fire department outreach truck on the premises. 

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