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LeBron Puts on a Show in Exhibition

James scores 32 points in summer league game against Kevin Durant



    LeBron Puts on a Show in Exhibition
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    LeBron James scored 32 points in an exhibition game in Baltimore Tuesday that pitted him, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony against a team led by Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder in front of roughly a near-capacity crowd at Morgan State University's Hill Field House.

    Anthony's 'Melo League team outlasted Durant's Goodman League team 149-141, behind 12 fourth-quarter points from LeBron. James scored six straight points during one stretch in the final period.

    Though the game featured less defense than the NBA All-Star Game, at least James can now credibly argue he has regained some of his fourth-quarter mojo.

    James and Durant defended each other for most of the game (if you want to call what they were playing "defense"). Durant dropped a game-high 59 points, but James led his team with 32 points.

    While James had a secondary scoring threat in Anthony, Durant's team did not feature any other superstars. This at least partially explains why he was able to almost double the James' point total.

    Highlights of the game are below. James wore number 10 for the green team. While Durant scored nearly twice as many points as LeBron, James wowed the crowd with an array of flashy dunks on the fast break.

    With the NBA currently locked out, a number of high-profile stars have taken part in a number of summer league and streetball games. James has also played in the Los Angeles Drew League this summer.