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Get Your Own Pelosi Waterboarding Action Figure

"Fun for the Whole Family"



    Get Your Own Pelosi Waterboarding Action Figure
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has become an action figure over controversy of waterboarding.

    Maybe you can get a straight answer out of Nancy Pelosi.

    The Speaker of the House is the latest luminary to be immortalized as an action figure by Connecticut-based, joining the likes of Rod Blagojevich, Bernie MadoffJohn McCain and Barack Obama. The smiling new doll wears an elegant  black pantsuit and comes with a tiny waterboard inscribed with the words "Water Board: Fun for the Whole Family."

    Pelosi is under fire over her claims she wasn’t told that waterboarding was used against a terror suspect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in September, 2002. First, she said the Central Intelligence Agency lied to her about its so-called enhanced interrogation techniques being used on suspected terrorists. Then, when CIA Director Leon Panetta -- a former Democratic House member -- defended his agency, Pelosi shifted her criticism to the Bush administration. Now the Republicans are out for the Speaker, with some calling for her ouster.
 has a knack for turning the hot political figure of the day into a plastic figurine, whether the subject is famous or merely infamous. Its Sarah Palin model, comes in three outfits, including one which has the Alaska governor as a sexy school girl and another as a mini-skirt clad superhero.
    You can get your own Waterboard Pelosi for $49.95 but there might be a wait. They claim they're already backed up with 250 pre-sale orders